About Us


My brother and I started KidInCharge.com with $200 from our savings. We are 9 and 11 years old and super excited to start our own business!

At KidInCharge, we sell entrepreneurial clothing that inspire kids to take charge of their lives. Please support our cause and empower your children to be future leaders and entrepreneurs.



Reena became addicted to entrepreneurship after her first year selling girl scout cookies. Utilizing the power of social media and her cuteness on camera, she managed to sell over 240 boxes of girl scout cookies in 2 days on her first try.

Today, she is an active participant in her school’s entrepreneurship fair where she helps other classmates start their own businesses

In addition to entrepreneurship, Reena loves to design t-shirts, make videos and work together with her brother. She also likes to play soccer, basketball, volleyball and read fantasy books.

Kai is only 9 years old but he loves to make money. Leveraging his cuteness and charm, Kai is a master salesman and loves being in front of the camera.

He has assisted her sister on numerous girls scout cookie campaigns and is also an active participant at his school’s entrepreneurship fair.

When he’s not starting companies, Kai loves to trade Pokemon cards, take apart anything in sight and launch himself off of every couch in the house. He also likes to play soccer, basketball and play Monster Battle.