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A 9 And 11 Year Old’s Journey Into Entrepreneurship

Why Our Business Fair Strategy Completely Bombed

My brother and I just got back from our school’s business fair and I wanted to give you a quick report. Every year, kids from grades 2 through 5 set up booths at our school and try to sell their products. Overall, there were 56 booths total and my classmates sold products ranging from science […]

Wise Business Advice From An 11 Year Old Girl

According to my Daddy, the most important aspect of business is knowing your customer. And when we first started Kid In Charge, my brother and I initially targeted our t-shirts towards entrepreneurial kids. But that turned out to be the wrong strategy. Find out why in this episode

Why We Decided To Sell T-Shirts Online

You’re probably wondering why my brother and I decided to sell t-shirts online. After all, my Daddy says that selling tshirts is probably one of the most difficult and competitive niches to sell into. Well this video reveals everything:) We hope you love our t-shirts which we designed with love by my brother and I. […]

Our Mission With

My brother and I started Kid In Charge because we were tired of asking our parents for money to buy the stuff we wanted to buy. So my Daddy challenged us to try to make money with our own business and Kid In Charge was born. My brother and I bootstrapped this entire business for […]